Albums of 2011: 7. Alex Turner – Submarine Soundtrack

At only 6 songs, this isn’t technically an album, its an EP, but those 6 songs are SO GOOD that it qualifies at No. 7 on this list. We all know Alex Turner is a brilliant songwriter, he’s proved that on numerous Arctic Monkey’s albums, but until this EP, I never realised how wonderful of a singer he is too. When this was released I would play it really loud on my Bose headphones walking round London, his voice cuts right through you. The record starts with him saying ‘1,2,3,4’ before launching into the Stuck on the Puzzle intro and his whispery tones send shivers down your spine and perfectly set you for the 6-track wonder of this record.

Each song is beautiful and delicate and perfectly produced. The songs are love songs and quite simple ones, which fits well with the film, but despite its simplicity, its perfect. I would love it if Alex Turner would do more of this, but the Arctic Monkeys are pretty great too, so we’ll let him off (for a while anyway).

Standout Tracks: Piledrivers Waltz, It’s Hard to get around the Wind, and Stuck on a Puzzle (intro)


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