Albums of 2011: 8. Cloud Control – Bliss Release

Cloud Control were my No. 1 summer obsession. I saw them at The Great Escape, purely as I didn’t have anything else to go and see, fell quickly in love, and went to see there two other performances that very same day. I love there sound, its psychedelic pop, but brilliantly done. ‘There’s Nothing In The Water You Can’t Fight’ is a massive tune and the whole album is full of a mixture of perfect pop tunes and dark dreamy numbers.

Beginning with Meditation Song #2, you are set in the scene of the rest of the bliss of the album. Death Cloud and Gold Canary provide the catchy single songs, and songs like Hollow Drums and particularly bonus track Buffalo Country provide the chilled trace like points of the album. Hailing from the Blue Mountains of Australia, you can feel the chilled Aussie vibes move through the album. Their live shows are also great, go and see them!

Standout Tracks: There’s Nothing in the Water we can’t Fight, This is What I Said and The Rolling Stones


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