Albums of 2011: 10. Submotion Orchestra – Finest Hour

I am not normally a dubstep person, nor am I a big alt. jazz fan. But after seeing Submotion Orchestra at the Soundwave Festival in Croatia, I was hooked. I purchased this and found myself absorbed in the dream world of the album. Fronted by Ruby Wood, the 7-piece orchestra from Leeds are fast becoming known as one to watch in the dance/trip-hop/’what ever you want to call it’ world.

The album, for me, evokes sunshine images, beautiful beaches and being relaxed and chilled. It could be compared to Morcheeba or Massive Attack, but at the moment, there isn’t much of this going on. So it’s wonderful to see a band doing it oh so well. Opening track ‘Angel Eyes’ quickly introduces you to Ruby Wood’s heavenly vocals. Her voice is completely divine and fits the style of the band so perfectly. A few of the tracks are instrumental, some playing the jazz hand more than others. It’s clear that this band is made up of very talented musicians.

Subomtion Orchestra are playing Scala in March, and should be releasing their second album in 2012. Check them out, you might surprise yourself.

Standout Tracks: Finest Hour, Suffer Not, and Always



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2 responses to “Albums of 2011: 10. Submotion Orchestra – Finest Hour

  1. Adam Merry

    I was also at Soundwave festival (which in its self is something to scream from the rooftops about) and I’d like to confirm this was a revelatory show and a great introduction to the best band in their field.

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