BBC Sound of 2012: My Verdict

Today is a pretty exciting day of the year for music, as it is the day which the BBC Sound of 2012 longlist is published. The list highlights who some experts in the industry, think is gonna make is massive in 2012. As usual, the results were fairly predictable. Here is the full list and some of my thoughts on them.

ASAP Rocky– Standard slightly annoying, slightly credible rap artist from New York. All his song names sound like he’s speaking a different language and his songs will have to be bleeped out so much, there won’t be much point putting him on the radio.

Azealia Banks– Topped NME’s cool list and sounds a lot like Nicki Minaj. She is working on a debut with producer of the moment, Paul Epworth. Probably my prediction to top this list.

Dot Rotton– Another rapper, a slightly more commercial sounding one. Could possibly do the Dizzee Rascel thing all over again and bridge pop-dance with rap music.

Dry the RiverThank god, not another rapper. Dry the River make music a bit like Mumford & Sons but they rock out a bit more. Frontman Peter Liddle’s voice is wonderful but theres something a bit too familiar sounding about them. Good live though. I first discovered them back in May 2010, see my post here.

Flux Pavilion– One of the two artists on the list I was not familiar with. It’s dubstep, but as I don’t know anything about dubstep, I won’t say anything else.

Frank Ocean– Frank Ocean has been hyped about for ages it seems, he is a member of OFWGKTA. It’s like hip-hop but he sings more like an R ‘n’ B artist. His videos are really interesting but I’m not too bothered about the music.

Friends– They’re pretty good this band. They met as co-workers in a vegan restaurants and hail from Brooklyn. They’ve got that total, I’m so cool and I like in Brooklyn vibe about them. But if I’m honest, they are cool and I would like to live in Brooklyn too. The music is indie but really really alternative. Singer Samantha Urbani could become quite an icon.

Jamie N Commons– A blues man with lots of commercial appeal. Some really gorgeous sounding songs and potentially a great album on the horizon. Have a listen, you might love.

Lianne La HavasI really love Lianne, I think she’s quite a treat. Smooth voice and the sweetest of songs. I wrote a bit about her here a few months back.

Michael Kiwanuka– I am so happy Michael has been included in this list. His music is divine and deserves to be heard by more people. It’s got a wonderful Otis Reading nostalgic feel about it which is so refreshing to hear.

Niki & the Dove– To me, this sounds like Zola Jesus and any other dark and mysterious act of the last year. I don’t really see it at the moment, she’ll have to pump out some much better songs to get some acclaim from me.

Ren Harvieu– You can compare Ren to a lot of people, namely Duffy and Adele. However, the reason why I like her so much, is because she also sounds like Carole King, and NO ONE has sounded like Carole King in a long time. ‘Through the Night’ would have been a classic 70’s hit, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) we don’t live in the 1970’s so how well she’ll do is a bit up in the air.

SkrillexI don’t think there was any doubt in anyones mind that Skrillex would be on this list. It’s like dance/electronic/Prodigy sort of stuff. Probably gonna be massive (hopefully not for the sake of my ears).

Spector– Spector make indie pop music, but its a bit more interesting than last years indie-pop hyped bands such as Viva Brother and Mona. Not that much more interesting though.

StoosheWhen I saw a photo of Stooshe, I thought they would actually be my worst nightmare. It’s not as horrendous as first expected, but its the sort of thing that is very likely to be over played and become extremely irritating.

So thats my thoughts. You can also check out the Blog Sound of 2012 in the post below which I was involved in voting for. In my opinion, the list is much better.

I shall be compiling my own list which will start after my Albums of 2011 posts end (and it shall be better than all other Sound of 2012 lists).


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