Kurt Vile and Cass McCombs

Everybody absolutely has to go out and buy ‘Smoke Ring For My Halo’ by Kurt Vile. Stunning record, excellent songwriting. This song has quickly become one of my songs of the year.

And I like this song from Cass McCombs. I don’t have his album, but he describes it as this on his website… ‘Humour Risk is an attempt at laughter instead of confusion, chaos instead of morality, or, as fellow Northern Californian Jack London puts it ‘I would rather be ashes than dust!'” Which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

And I thought I’d just add in this song. From The Antlers.


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  1. It is funny you mentioned Kurt Vile’s Smoke Ring For My Halo, I just finished listening to the album 2 hours ago. I listened to it 4 times in the past few weeks, it is just so good, i think I found a new favorite artist. I will probably review it on my blog sometime soon. But anyway, I love this album, sorry for writing such a long comment.

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