New Treat #63: Alabama Shakes

It’s quite a rare thing to stumble across a band, (in this case on the wonderful Breaking More Waves blog) and think WOW. This is really something special. Which is exactly what I thought when first hearing Alabama Shakes.

Previously called just ‘The Shakes’, the band are fronted by Brittany Howard, whose voice and stage presence are something quite extraordinary. Think Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Billy Holiday, Adele with more fire in her. This is purely gorgeous soul music, and they’ve got the songs too, I think this is something that could potentially be massive.

You can listen to their self-titled EP on Bandcamp and catch them live in London on February 22nd, at the Boston Arms as part on the NME Awards Shows. I’ve already got my ticket and if I was you, I wouldn’t hesitate getting yours either.

I Found You

On Your Way



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