New Treat #62: Tom the Lion

The Adventures of Tom the Lion is currently Rough Trade’s Album of the Month. After seeing this on their website, I decided to check it out, and as soon as I heard ‘Ragdoll’ I felt quite blown away. His songs are exquisite, just simply stunning songwriting. His voice is radient and their is that added mystery about him. No facebook, no soundcloud, and I don’t know about any hype, but i’ve certainly missed it if it existed.

The 24-year old Londoner released all his EP’s exclusively through Rough Trade as 4 Chapters, and they have now been released as a box set, in a gorgous wooden box, with bonus CD, available exclusively through Rough Trade.

He is playing Rough Trade East tonight, which is free but if you missed that (I did!) you can catch his headline show at St. Pancreas Old Church on December 7th. Get tickets here.

Wish I had some more tracks or info on him but I don’t. Watch this though, so beautiful…


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