New Treat #61: Youth Lagoon

I have been listening to the music of Youth Lagoon, aka. 22 year old Trevor Powers for a while now. A few months back there was a lot of hype about a song called ‘Montreal’. I wrote a little something about it at the time, but it was only recently I decided to give the whole album a listen, and found myself transfixed by the sound of it. And thought it was about time I featured them. ‘A Year In Hibernation’ the debut from Youth Lagoon, was released earlier this year on Fat Possum records.

The album is a dark, yet dreamy collection of exceptionally well written and arranged songs, mostly about Powers anxiety, and following the usual love and loss situation. Powers was with a girl for 4 years, and after the break down of the relationship, wrote this record, about the year of his life which he best describes as a hibernation period. An incredibly honest set of songs, and an incredibly beautiful outcome. This is no ‘For Emma, forever ago’ however, its got a summery, hopeful feel about it, its only when you listen closely you notice the deeper, darker sides of the album. If your begging for some comparisons, it sounds a bit like The Antlers.

I highly recommend checking the whole album out if you can, especially Montana, which I posted a few weeks back. No tour dates planned around Europe in the near future. I wonder whether Youth Lagoon will be a passing project for Powers, and whether he’ll move onto other territory, due to the nature of the album, I think this might be the case.



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