New Treat #59: Brooke Sharkey

One of London’s best kept secrets is a gorgeous little venue in Limehouse called the Jamboree. I will not reveal too much about the qualities of this venue, as I think to understand the true magic of it, it must be experienced. But I will introduce you to one of the many talented musicians who regularly play there, Brooke Sharkey.

The first thing that grabs you about Brooke is her voice. At the moment every female singer-songwriter is quickly compared to either Kate Bush or Bjork. Thankfully, neither of these are applicable to the unique sound of Brooke Sharkey. Her voice is radiant, rich and rare, and I myself could listen to her sing all day long. The songs she write too have a remarkably unusual quality about them, they sound like they come from another time. Having grown up in both France and London, she sings part in French, but mostly in English and her music has a gypsy/blues inspired feel to it. Live, she is poised and comfortable, having regularly busked on both Broadway Market and Columbia Flower Market, she knows how to captivate an audience.

Brooke released an EP last summer (3 of the tracks can be listened to on Soundcloud), which is available to download from iTunes and is currently raising funds for her debut album, via IndieGoGo, which so many bands are doing nowadays. You can catch Brooke live regularly around London, she plays the Jamboree most Mondays and is also a regular on Broadway and Columbia road markets. Go to her website to see more dates.

Listen and love, the bottom video ‘Un Chantier’ is my favorite.

May (free download)



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