New Treat #56: Ajimal

In the Members section of their Facebook face, Ajimal write ‘Some people making music you can’t dance too’. They also write that the music they make is based on art, science and hallucinations. In a very flowery way, they have really pinpointed exactly what they are doing. But for people who prefer some simpilar description, he sounds like Thom Yorke, but its more haunting and ultimately remarkably beautiful.

Ajimal is the project of Fran O’Hanlon and the name Ajimal came from a surreal experience in Haiti involving a preacher and some voodoo. Based in Newcastle/Edinburgh, he has supported James Vincent McMorrow, and performed as part of Roundhouse Rising. Nothing has been released yet but you can download 4 of his tracks for free on Soundcloud. There are also quite a few live videos on Youtube, all which are very impressive.

Wolf – Ajimal

The Sea Inside – Ajimal


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