New Treat #55: Woodkid

I found Woodkid via Lana Del Rey. This video has just gone up on YouTube of the two of them singing a song called ‘Iron’, which is a Woodkid song. The official video of that song already has a huge 5 million videos, so not so new to some people. But if you haven’t already come across him, you really should give him a long and through listen. His sound is one of the most unique i’ve heard in ages, large horn and brass sections layer electronic and acoustic melodies and hauntingly deep voice.

Woodkid is actually Yoann Lemonine, a french music video producer and film director who has previously worked with Katy Perry, Mystery Jets and Taylor Swift. He has now recreated himself with the stage name ‘Woodkid’. His EP ‘Iron’ is remarkably stunning, opening with ‘Iron’, and continuing with my favourite from the EP ‘Brooklyn’. ‘Baltimore Fires’ and ‘Wasteland’ are also wonderfully unique songs. I have a feeling we will be hearing much more from Woodkid in the future.

Brooklyn – Woodkid


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