New Treat #52: Peter & Kerry

A few days ago I posted a song called ‘Knees’ by this band, Peter & Kerry. Thanks to it becoming No. 5 on Hype Machine, my blog views for that day exploded and I knew I’d found something good.

Peter & Kerry were recommended to me by the lovely Shura who I have been more than writing enough about recently. The boy-girl duo started off as solo artists and decided to collaborate on EP ‘Clothes Friends Photos’ which was released by Tape Club records. As solo artists they are both very talented, listen to this song by Peter and this gorgeous Joy Division cover from Kerry. But when brought together there is a little bit of magic which produces songs like ‘Knees’. You can listen to the whole EP below via Soundcloud and catch them live on October 13th supporting Kyla La Grange at Hoxton Bar and Grill.



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