My Musical Profile: The Wilderness of Manitoba

Canadian band The Wilderness of Manitoba create beautifully polished folk songs, and have been receiving a lot of praise for the UK shows they have just played. Their EP ‘Orono Park’ was released in the UK last week and you can listen to the title track below. Stefan Banjevic from the band was kind enough to fill in a musical profile for me.

My Favorite band/artist: Bob Dylan

My Favorite album: Nashville Skyline – Bob Dylan

My Favorite song: right now: Feist – Graveyard, all time: Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice

My Favorite gig: Playing the End of the Road Festival

My Favorite lyric:

I’m not asking you to say words like “yes” or “no” please understand me,

I have no place I’m calling you to go.

I’m just whispering to myself so I can pretend that I don’t know,

Mama, you are on my mind.

(Bob Dylan, Mama, you’ve been on my mind)

My Favorite new band/artist: Other Lives

My Dream festival line-up: Fleet Foxes, Panda Bear, Joanna Newsom, Jeff Mangum, Beach House.

My Right now I love: Laying in bed, under our new quilt, listening to the rain gently tap on the window pane.


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