New Music 25

Matt Corby has released a new song called ‘Brother’. It’s quite different from his old stuff, definitely heavier, but still a real good song. He has a new EP entitled ‘Into the Flame’ out in November.

I cam across this girl on Soundcloud, she’s called Abigail Washburn and reminds me a little of Sarah Jarosz. Have a listen and download this song for free.

One band to check out is Youth Lagoon. They are making hauntingly beautiful music which is causing a stir on hype machine etc. This song is ‘Bobby’, also check out ‘Montana’.

This is really gorgeous, its from Marissa Nadler and is a cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Winter Lady.

Florence and the Machine releases her second album ‘Ceremonials’ at the end of this month. I can’t wait, and the snippets we’ve had from it so far show that its gonna be good. This is ‘Shake it Out’.

I found this track from Armand Margjeka on a mixtape from another blog. Their sound is really nice, especially the tones of the voices in the harmonies. The song is called ‘Alive’.

Cold Specks was one of my New Treats a while back. I’ve posted this track ‘Holland’ before, but its now been released as a single with B-side ‘Old Stepstone’.

There is a really excellent documentary on the BBC about The Troubadour and specifically Carole King and James Taylor. Go and watch it here. And listen to this song, because its perfect.


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