New Bands 9

I hate you just kidding are a duo from California who make pretty folk music, think Slow Club but more chilled. You can listen to their whole debut album on Bandcamp. Check out this slightly disgusting video.

This song is really great, its from a band called Eliza and the Bear. There’s nothing else on the internet on them yet, but I hope there will be more soon.

This really cute song comes from a band called Keston Cobblers’ Club. It’s called ‘For, Words’ and the video is below.

Shura suggested this band to be, they are called Peter and Kerry and this song is from the ‘Clothes, Friends, Photos’ EP which has been released on Tape Club Records.

The Moth and the Mirror include members of Frightened Rabbit, Admiral Fallow, and a couple of other Scottish bands, therefore creating a sort of supergroup. The music’s pretty nice too.

Alloy Ark were one of the bands I featured after I got them in my Glastonbury Emerging Talent selection. They seem to have changed their sound a little, but its still nice. Have a listen to ‘BLUE’ here, and the b-side ‘All I Want’, not sure if theirs any link to Joni Mitchell songs.

Pengilly’s are from Leeds (yay!) and I saw them play in Union Chapel as part of the daytime music series a while back. They have a wonderfully unusual sound. They have just released an EP called ‘Toby’s Hill’ and this is a song of the same title.

This is really cool, from a London based band called The Mouth.



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2 responses to “New Bands 9

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  2. I honestly did not like a single one of these songs. Am I just in a bad mood?

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