EP Review: Suukei- Saint Saviour

Saint Saviour is releasing another EP, entitled ‘Suukei’ and it is yet another gorgeously original set of songs with her soaring Kate Bush esque voice showing how unique of a talent she continues to be. First track ‘Red Sun’ mixes percussion and electronic sounds with the psychedelic melodies which her voice sours up and down. ‘Here in Me’, for which you can watch the video of below, continues to evoke the heavy percussion element of the first track, but the prettiness of the melody provides an overall more soft sound to the track. ‘Some Things Change’, a gorgeous piano ballad with layered voices and emotion in the bucket load, a stunning track.

The final track from the EP is a Kate Bush cover of ‘Army Dreamers’ which you can grab a free download of below. On Soundcloud you can also listen to an Accapella version of the track which I love. I believe that her version more than does justice to the original. Saint Saviour has produced yet another gorgeous EP, proving she is an incredible talent, and I still have hope that more people will realise this soon!

‘Suukei’ is released on October 3rd. You can purchase the EP on limited edition hand stamped CD from the official Saint Saviour shop. It wil also be available in HMV stores.

Best Tracks: Here in Me, Army Dreamers

Rating: 4.5/5

Army Dreamers free download


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