New Treat #51: Rae Morris

Last Wednesday I went along to Bush Hall to a Communion show, which featured the wonderful Michael Kiwanuka and Rachel Sermanni. And if that wasn’t an already wonderful enough line-up, the support was from a young girl of the name of Rae Morris. She completely blew me away, and I think a lot of other people in the room felt the same. She reminds me a little of Birdy, but with a more mature angle to her music and voice. A shy girl when she speaks to the audience, but as soon as she sings she is transformed. It was so incredible to watch. She has released nothing but their are several videos of her up on YouTube and a number of recorded tracks on her Soundcloud too. A lady with a deservedly bright future ahead of her.

You can catch Rae next in London’s St. Pancreas Old Church on October 13th. She also has lots of other UK dates as she is from Blackpool.

She also has amazing hair.



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