New Treat #50: The Mountaineering Club

Its a special thing to come across a band you have never heard of before at a festival, and be utterly blown away. This is exactly what happened when I caught The Mountaineering Club at this years End of the Road festival. They posses a completely unique sound. Imagine if the Temper Trap met The Amazing Broken Man and a couple of brass players who manage to mix ambient beats together and you are somewhere near. They describe their sound as…

‘If you have ever stood on top of a mountain, or been to a wild and deserted beach, if you have ever had that feeling where suddenly nothing matters, and at this moment in time you feel ALIVE. If you have been to to top of the world and looked down at the hills and countryside around you and been lost for words then perhaps we share something. Here at The Mountaineering Club, we aim to write the soundtrack to that view, we want to create music that makes us feel like the mountains do’

…which describes it a whole lot better than I did.

They have already released their first EP ‘The Coldest Winter’ which you can purchase for the bargin price of £3 on Bandcamp.

They also have an accompanying The Mountaineering Club Orchestra but I have not yet worked out how the band and the orchestra fit together. Have a listen and try catch them live if you can, you will not regret it!



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