New Bands 8


I don’t really know anything about this band except they have done this pretty quirky version of Nick Drakes Pink Moon. You can download it for free if you wish.

No Ceremony

This tune has been causing some blogging waves and I thought I’d jump right on the bandwagon. Its called Hurtlove…

Colossal Gospel

A band from Alabama who combine elements of Fleet Foxes and Fanfarlo to create something fairly unique and quite nice if I might say so. You can listen to there whole album on Bandcamp, it was all home recorded which comes through when you listen to it, but in a nice way. It all sounds very intimate. You can download ‘Bitter Man’ below.

Isobel Anderson

I caught about 1 song from Isobel Anderson at Glastonbury as she played before Emily and the Woods. She plays quite traditional folk and her songs are very very pretty, as is her voice. She has just released a new record entitled ‘Dark Path’. This song is from that album and is called ‘My Love’.

The Wilderness of Manitoba

Some chamber folk from Canada with the addition of lots of strange and wonderful instrument sounds. For fans of Blind Pilot, Young the Giant and that very polished folk pop sound.


A new EP from achiles features the talents of Florence and the Machines harp player Tom Monger. It sounds great. I can’t find a song to stream on here so to listen to it you’ll have to head to bandcamp here. This is one of their older tunes.

Kate & Max

Some nice harmonies from an Aussie duo. Kate’s voice is magnificent.



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