New Treat #49: Shura

Shura is the work of Aleksandra Denton, a London based girl with a earthy voice who interesting describes her sound as ‘Night Folk’. She also works closely with producer and musician Hiatus who also accompanies her on live shows.

Its early days but with the song ‘River’ you can see that Shura could have great things coming. Resemblance to Alpines, Elephant and I Break Horses come to mind but the folky melodic element gives them a uniqueness which I think is very nice indeed. Her voice is beautiful, the tone is simple yet huskily wonderful. Theres also a trippy dance element to their sound.

Shura is currently signed to Akira records and will be releasing an EP soon. I hope to hear lots lots more from her in the future.

This is the demo version of ‘River’, which is a free download and you can listen to the full version via the video below.



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3 responses to “New Treat #49: Shura

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  3. This is brilliant. Thank you!

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