New Bands 7

Evil Hand

Delicate, dark and haunting acoustic music. You can download the full album ‘Huldra’ for free here from Bandcamp.

Matthew Kilford

He reminds me a little of Pete Roe. Quite lovely anyway.

The Kindling

Quirky, experimental indie folk. You can stream the full EP ‘From Out of the Wreckage..’ on Bandcamp here. I particularly like ‘Runaway Shoes which is below.

Beaux Saunders

Great voice and some catchy songs. Could do pretty well in the mainstream I recon. Check out her facebook page with 4 songs on it.

Jessie Moncrieff

Pretty songs from singer/violinist Jessie Moncrieff who has previously worked with Jake Morley. She has an EP launch on July 6th at the Old Queen’s Head in Islington.


And I’ll end with this, Givers- Up Up Up. Super summery happy indie pop!


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