New Treat #44: Cold Specks

I don’t know too much about Cold Specks expect that she’s 23 and her real name is Al Spx. Originally from Canada, she is now living in London. Other than that all I know is that for me, it was love at first listen. The phrase ‘soul doom’ has been floating about, but although its dark, I think there is a wonderful element of hope to Cold Speck’s music. She used to perform as Basket of Figs, but now as Cold Specks she is recording with Rob Elis, who has previously worked with Anna Calvi and PJ Harvey. I can’t wait to hear the results!

Her husky voice has Billie Holiday aspects and I could also liken her to Kyla La Grange, who she is supporting on July 12th at the Lexington. You can also catch her on July 20th with Mechanical Bride at St Giles in the Fields Church. The song ‘Holland’ is available for free download from her myspace page and on Soundcloud you can hear a demo track of another song.

Cold Specks- Holland

This is an old video of her performing as Basket of Figs.




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