Glastonbury 2011: 10 bands you must see!

This time next week we will all be ready to watch Coldplay on the Pyramid stage of Glastonbury festival 2011. Well, thats who I’ll be watching but with over 60 stages to choice from, it might not be where you will be. This is a post of 10 bands I really think are must sees at this years festival. There might be a few obvious choices, but these are often obvious for a reason, they are almost guaranteed to be great.  I am going to do a couple of ‘less obvious’ Glastonbury posts on new bands and the likes so look out for them in the next few days.
Pyramid Stage, Saturday, 22:15-22:45

So you might not be a fan, but its going to be epic. The headliners at Glastonbury are usually the best anyway, purely because of the atmosphere of the pyramid stage. Coldplay are a true Glastonbury band, friends of the Eavis’s and having played several times before over the last 10 years or so. It’s gonna be a moment.

Paul Simon

Pyramid Stage, Sunday, 16:30-17:45

The legend rightly takes the legends slot on the Pyramid on Sunday afternoon, previously host to Ray Davies and Leonard Cohen. Prepare for some sing-a-longs and hopefully some Simon & Garfunkel tracks slipped in, we’ll have to see!

The Park Special Guests

The Park, Friday, 20:00-21:15

The Park, Saturday, 19:45-21:00

The rumors, as usual, for these slots have been rife. Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Pulp, Radiohead have all been mentioned. And big names do come true, last year it was Radiohead and Biffy Clyro. Sure to be exciting anyway, so if you have no one else to see, pop to the park.

Mumford and Sons

Other Stage, Friday, 20:45-22:00

They were the band to see last summer, and are doing a limited amount of festivals this year, they are sure to take the Other Stage by storm on Friday evening. I predict it will be packed, and its already pretty tricky to see anything at the Other Stage, but the sing song shall echo through the whole crowd.


Spirit of ’71, Friday, 22:00-23:00

The Sprit of 71 is one of the new stages for this year and one I am most excited about, especially as this lady headlines on Friday night. If you’ve not heard of Melanie, she is the original flower child of the hippie movement. She played at Woodstock, Isle of Wight 1970 and of course, Glastonbury in 1971. Her songs are fun spirited and her voice is beautiful.


Pyramid Stage, Friday, 22:00-23:45

A pretty controversial choice as most people who read this blog probably won’t be U2 fans, but as with Coldplay, this is going to be an epic moment. A band who are undoubtably brilliant live, bring their spirit and over ambitious set to the Friday night at Glastonbury.

Laura Marling

Pyramid Stage, Sunday, 15:00-16:00

We all know I can’t make a list without including Laura Marling in it. This year she moves from her gorgeous Park set last year to the whopping Pyramid Stage, playing between Don McLean and Paul Simon, wow. And I’m sure it will be wow. Her third album ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’ is due for a September release and I hope she plays some new songs from it and not just crowd pleasers!

Bright Eyes

Other Stage, Friday, 17:35-18:40

If anyone has seen the video of Conor Oberst playing Lua at Coachella (above), you know this is gonna be special. I’ve never seen Bright Eyes before but am a big fan, especially of the Wide Awake it’s morning album. So I think this will be great!

Bombay Bicycle Club

Other Stage, Sunday, 16:00-17:00

BBC step up to the Other Stage this year, its gonna be great. I hope they play lots of stuff from ‘Flaws’ as well as, of course, the lively stuff from the debut.

Fleet Foxes

Other Stage, Friday, 19:10-20:15

I was disappointed by their performance at Glastonbury 2009, and then even more disappointed when I found out they were this year on another massive stage. The songs on the new album are bigger though and I’m willing to see whether they can WOW me like everyone says they do in a indoor venue.


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