New Bands 6

Bella Spinks

First for some of the gorgeous sounds of Bella Spinks. Some of her music is very Regina Spector ish but some has a much more folky backbone, like this track ‘Words’. She has already played a couple of Communion nights and you can catch her at The Windmill tomorrow night.

Matthew P

Sunshine music from a young champ with a Willy Mason voice and great pop songwriting. This video is super cute!

Hiss Golden Messenger

I like this, the songwriting is really 60’s ish. His voice is great too.

I Break Horses

A new Bella Union signing, and very ethereal sounding.

Real Fur

I mentioned this band in my Great Escape review, they have a lovely tropical sound. Possibly better live than on record, but this song is still good.


This band are from Nashville and sound a bit like Fleet Foxes and a bit like Grizzly Bear, their album Syzygy is available to stream on Soundcloud at the moment. This is the first track from the album.

The Joker and the Thief

One of the bands who appear on the Strummerville Compilation, and will be playing round the campfire at some point over the Glastonbury weekend. Wonderful jazzy rock and rolly folky stuff.

Christopher Paul Stelling

Dreamy acoustic music, download his Daytrotter session here. Really beautiful stuff!


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