New Music 20

We are now up to 20 of these posts! It started out as a bit of a ‘music I am listening to right now’ sort of thing, and I guess thats what its still about, but its also hopefully things you might not have heard. Hope you have been enjoying this series, here’s somethings for you this week!

Florence is back! Well, a new album isn’t due till the end of summer. But this Buddy Holly video has been unleashed onto YouTube and its great, I hope this sort of thing influences the rest of the album. Its much more raw sounding, which I like.

The new Fleet Foxes album has been slowly growing on me, I am now listening to it a lot, and this is my favourite tune from it. Just delightful!

Beirut is back, i’ll be seeing him in Hyde Park with Arcade Fire on June 30th for the first time which should be really great (Mumford and Sons too!). He is releasing a new album called ‘The Rip Tide’ on August 31st, followed by Manchester and London shows as well as a headline set at End of the Road festival. What a great summer for Beirut fans! This song is called ‘East Harlem’, I like it a lot, its quite sparse and more chilled than some of the older stuff, but in a good way.

The new soundtrack from the film Submarine has been raved about a lot and rightly so. I think its better than the actual film. Its made up of original songs from Alex Turner. All the songs are lovely and chilled and I think may become quite an integral part to my summer soundtrack. This is ‘Stuck on the Puzzle’.

Oh Land was the lady to see at this years Great Escape. I went to see her but couldn’t find the venue, which is a shame, she could be big news in the future. This song is incredibly catchy. She reminds me of a mixture between Lykke Li and Ellie Goulding.

Stealing Sheep have just released a new EP called ‘I am the Rain’ its lovely, you can listen to it on Spotify if you like. I like this band a lot. Heres a little video from when they recorded the EP in Abbey Road Studios.

The Staves completely blew me away at Bushstock, really beautiful stuff. I’ve been listening to their EP a lot, its beautiful. I hope they record something else soon so I don’t have to keep repeating the same 3 songs over and over.

I am going to end with a clip from the epic performance Arcade Fire gave at Coachella this year. I have watched almost their whole set now on youtube and it just seems EPIC. So excited to see them in Hyde Park this summer and then again at Benicassim in Spain. Incredible live band! This is the wonderful ‘Mountains Beyond Mountains’ from The Suburbs.


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