Gallery Cafe gig photos

Thanks to everyone who came down to my show at the Gallery Cafe last Tuesday. It was a wonderful night, there was a great atmosphere in the cafe and all the bands were stunning. More shows coming after the summer, but first of all, here’s a few photos from the night.

Laura Boyle

I have been raving about Laura Boyle for a while now so I was delighted to have her play. I think she is something very special; gorgeous voice and wonderful songwriting. She was great on the night, playing a mixture of the songs present on her Soundcloud site and was joined by her two friends for ‘End of December’ and ‘Way of the Sun’, which worked brilliantly. I can’t wait to see what becomes of her, I hope its great.

Whiskey Moon Face

Fronted by the ‘whiskey’ voice of Louise Jones, Whiskey Moon Face make gypsy inspired folk music which finds itself incredibly difficult to compare to other acts or genres around at the moment, but is unique and wonderful. A truly special band to catch live, wonderful musicianship and rare energy. It was a pleasure to have them play, I’m sure they’ll be back for future Mountain Bea gigs!

Stokes William

One of my favourite new bands of the moment, and one of the best live, Stokes William treated the gallery cafe to a very special acoustic set with a couple of new songs thrown into the mix of old favourites like ‘Zion’ and ‘Waves’. Will also played a solo song about a moth, watch out for the video footage of that, it’s rather lovely. They have recently recored an EP, to be released at the end of the summer, I’m sure there will be lots more info about that coming nearer the time.

There is lots of video footage of the night coming, I’ll post the best of that when i’ve edited all!


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