New Bands 5

This is a relatively new feature on the blog, so for those who don’t know, this is a collection of the best new bands who send me there music via email, and occasionally from other places. Its stuff I don’t want to write a feature about yet but I feel deserves a spot. So here we go.

The Trouble With Templeton

Beautifully eirey sounds from Aussie singer-songwriter The Trouble with Templeton. You can listen to more and download this track for free on his bandcamp site here.

Hunting Bears

A Leeds band who have played a few shows with Flying With Anna favourite Ellen and the Escapades. They use a beautiful array of instruments and the result is chilled, pretty folk music.

Stacey Kent

You’ve probably heard this on the TV as its been featured in a few adverts. A stunning version of a classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song.

Tom McKean & the Emperors

I mentioned this band on my review of The Flowerpot Sessions as their track, a cover of ‘Old Fashioned Morphine’ is brilliant. They do lots of great covers, this is Fever. They are really tight as a band, but I can imagine them being loads of fun live too.

Brooke Fraser

Chances are you’ve never heard of Brooke Fraser but she’s actually a platinum selling, multi-award winning, number one artist. In New Zealand. But she is slowly going global and hoping to tackle the UK next. She’s got a very Lisa Mitchell/Sarah Blasko sound which I like a lot.

Vertigo Smyth and Carol Anne McGowen

I mentioned Vertigo on one of my Glastonbury ETC posts, he was one of the best of my bunch. He has just recorded this new single with Carol Anne McGowen and its very pretty.

Laura Boyle

I have mentioned Laura Boyle several times over and she is also playing at an upcoming show of mine. Details coming soon! She has been writing and making home recordings of lots of songs recently and this is the latest. You can also download all her songs for free at the moment. Check her out, stunning!

Enjoy this lot! Should be loads more posts coming soon!


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