EP Review: Things Will Change- Treetop Flyers

This band just continue to go from strength to strength, and they show no sign of slowing down with this EP, ‘Things Will Change’ which features the single ‘Things will Change’ and three other songs. This is the second EP from the band and will also be released on Communion records on May 23rd. Its quite different from the first EP ‘To Bury the Past’ which was a fairly delicate listen. ‘Things Will Change’ is filled with country rock songs, harmonies and brilliant musicianship, as always with this band. ‘Rose Is In The Yard’ takes us back a little to some delicate guitar fingerpicking after the wonderfully catchy ‘Things Will Change’ and harmonious ‘Long Cold Winter’ (grab a free download of this below). Last track ‘Disappearing Kind’ is has some lovely country melodies and very nicely ends the EP.

This band have some great things coming for them, catch them at the following dates or on Saturday morning of Glastonbury Festival on the Other Stage. I’ll see you at the front?

Rating: 4/5

Best tracks: Things Will Change, Disappearing Kind



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2 responses to “EP Review: Things Will Change- Treetop Flyers

  1. I was talking with your mum at Tameside cycle park my names Alan I run a music web site and have been doing for 10 yrs.


    Also have videos on you tube


    I was wondering if you would do me a favour As I know you go to lots of concerts, could i ask if you like to send some video fottage of the gigs you go to, to my via email , I will naturally say that you send them.
    I my self used to work in Education, but have also been doing the web site for many years

    thanks very much


  2. hello anna

    just joined ur blog its very very good hope you get chance to look at my web site and of course youtube side, may i ask whats ur email adress!!!

    like i said spoke to your mum at the cycling track, and she told me about your blog

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