New Treat #34: Stealing Sheep

Its been a while since I found a band which I majorly swooned at and I certainly did with Stealing Sheep! They are three ladies from Liverpool making folky electronicy wonderness with great harmonies and an all together feel like a breath of fresh air. Its got a lovely 60’s dreamy feel to it, but ultimately, these girls are writing great pop songs. And it won’t be long before the whole world is hearing them. Made up of Becky, Emily and Lucy, there influences range from The Velvet Underground, Bat for Lashes, Vashti Bunyan and Beirut, all which are clear in their music. They are currently signed to Idle Fret records and have released 2 EP’s both which you can get off iTunes, from Roughtrade or can listen to via. Spotify. Their latest EP, The Mountain Dogs is wonderful, highly recommended! They have a shed load of dates coming up so heres a few of the London ones. Head over to their myspace for more. They are also going to be playing lots of festivals, including Secret Garden Party, The Great Escape and Croissent Neuf among others.

29th April- The Wireless

5th May- Nambucca with The Forrest and The Trees

19th May- The Lock Tavern

10th June- Bush Hall with Wild Swan


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