New Music 17

Anna Calvi’s debut album is flawless. She is one hell of a talent and I think she is here to stay for a while. I am in love with the mixture of sounds, her voice and guitar playing alongside the quirky yet melodic songwriting. So brilliant. This is the last track from the album and its called ‘Love won’t be leaving’.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about this band, but a New Treat about them will be coming up. They are call Elephant and there is hardly anything about them on the web, but this is really great. You can download it from iTunes now.

I am a huge Nick Drake fan and after watching a documentary about him, I found out his mother also made rather nice music. This is ‘How Wild the Wind Blows’. It reminds me a lot of Sibyelle Baier who EVERYONE should check out if your not aware of her.

Emily and the Woods is WONDERFUL. She is releasing a new EP and the launch is on May 4th, supported by Samuel Brookes and some special secret guests. This song is going to be on her new EP and its called ‘I Can’t’. It’s extremely lovely!

I have been listening to loads and loads of Jeff Buckley recently (and by that I mean definite obsession). I think posting a Jeff Buckley song would definitely be cheating on the whole ‘new music’ thing, so this is a cover by Holly Miranda of ‘Lover, You Should’ve come on Over’ which is my favourite Jeff song.

This is Rachel Sermanni singing with Admiral Fallow and it is STUNNING. So wonderful, her voice is like heaven and they work really well together.

Won’t let me embed to CLICK HERE!

I’m going to end with this, cos it is so pretty and summery.


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  1. Arntr

    Awesomelicious Thanks for list..I bookmarking..

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