New Treat #32: Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose has fast been gaining a strong and committed fan base and now seems to be selling out every venue she plays. I went to see her last week at St. Pancreas Station as part of Station Sessions (which are free) and was blown away by her strength of voice and so decided she had to be featured as a New Treat!

Lucy Rose first came to my ears as she sings on the second Bombay Bicycle Club record ‘Flaws’, when I reviewed the album I gave it a 5/5, its one of my favorite albums from last year and Lucy Roses vocals really adds something gorgeous to Jack Steadman’s songwriting. She’s got quite a unique voice and you certainly don’t expect the power. She’s pretty and petite and her voice is too, but it also have an incredible strength which sounds effortless. Her songwriting is also very strong, ‘Night Bus’, is her best known song and is simply mellowy gorgeous, but many of her other songs have more of a beat to them, which you could compare to Bombay Bicycle’s indie side. It suits her very well and sets her aside from other folk singer/songwriters. At Station Sessions, in the last song she played she got everyone to scream during the chorus, giving the whole set a wonderful end feeling. I’d highly recommend catching this girl live. You can see all her upcoming tour dates on her myspace.



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