EP Review: His Young Heart- Daughter

One year and one day ago I featured Elena Tonra as a New Treat. Her song ‘Peter’ was one of the standouts on the Communion record, with her enchanting voice shining through. Since then she just keeps on getting better and better. Now renamed as Daughter, she has unveiled a new EP and it is simply her best work yet. Her gorgeous voice is mixed with ethereal guitar sounds, divine lyrics with a stirringly good outcome. She has certainty moved away from those initial Laura Marling comparisons.

‘Landfill’ is a haunting opener, the lyrics ‘I want you so much, but I hate your guts’ ring in your mind against the nostalgic guitar sounds. Following track ‘The Woods’ also does not fault, the repetitive guitar riff giving it a hazy backdrop for the gorgeous vocal melodies over the top. ‘Candles’ begins a little lighter, and the whole track feels much prettier but listening to the lyrics, this is no sweet love song. The point where the drums enter provides a different slant to the other tracks. Their is almost a childish feel to the melodies on the chorus, but there is nothing immature about Daughters songwriting. The final track ‘Switzerland’ begins with echoey accordions and sweeping vocals but soon picks up pace into an almost Sigur Ros sounding musical landscape. The experimentalism of this EP really shines through on this track, I am thrilled she has gone down this route, it turns her from a female singer/songwriter into something incredibly unique. The almost wordless track ends the EP perfectly, and quite frankly I am dying to hear more.

Daughter will play The Slaughtered Lamb on April 20th for the launch of this EP.

Best tracks: Candles, Landfill, Switzerland, The Woods (oh yes, thats all of them)

Rating: 5/5

You can stream the whole EP on Bandcamp or below on Soundcloud. Be prepared to fall in love!



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