Gig Review: Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition Finals!

For the past few months I have been involved in judging a competition run by Glastonbury Festival, if your not up to date on what its about you can click the icon to the right which says Judge.

The finals happened last night in Pilton and I was lucky enough to go along and see the final 8 bands, chosen by bloggers and judges out of around 7,500. I have to say, all of the final 8 were stunning, really great high quality performances and they all received a slot at the festival in the end. Treetop Flyers picked up the topped prize and will get a slot on a main stage (which could be the Pyramid, Other, John Peel, Acoustic or Avalon- I think thats them!). And they truly were a well deserved winner! They mix country, folk, and rock to make a sound resembling Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Fleet Foxes or Midlake. I think they could be a big hit at the festival with performances from Mumford & Sons and Fleet Foxes already confirmed, this year could be dominated by a rootsy sound. Their performance was so great, they started with ‘Is It All Worth It?’, a quieter number than their other songs, featuring some beautiful harmonies and instantly proving them to be incredibly capable musicians, particularly the lead guitarist who shone throughout the set.  The songwriting is very strong in all the songs, which was definitely one of the things that made them stand out in the competition.

Out of the other finalists, my two personal favourites were Emily and the Woods who was my New Treat back in September. Her set was stunning, her voice flawless and her quirky performance really shining through. She started with a little acapella number, leaving the room in awe of her rich bluesy voice and setting the scene for the rest of her set. Louise and the Pins were really great too, also my New Treat not long ago. Their songs with a full band are wonderful, something truly unique to the music scene at the moment, reminds me a lot of Johnny Cash. Their quieter songs are gorgeous too, Christopher and I being a highlight.

The other bands in the competition were My Tiger My Timing, My First Tooth, Tristam, Twin Brother, and J Treole, and all were great and truly deserved that slot at the festival they all received. Overall its been great being involved in the competition and last night has made me even more excited for this years festival!

Have a listen to ‘Mountain Song’ by Treetop Flyers and watch the Bandstand Busking video of my personal favourite ‘Is It All Worth It?’


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