New Treat #31: Louise and the Pins

Louise and the Pins have gone through quite a few name changes over the last year or so. Louise Hull first moved to London aged 20, taking her sweet and honest songwriting to wherever would let her play. She then brought on board Bethan Gorman and Sara Templeman and the 50’s harmonies of The Pins was born. I saw The Pins support Laura Marling on her November tour at Conway Hall in London and thought they were wonderful.   I brought there little EP ‘Introducing… The Pins’ and its a truly delightful listen. Now, The Pins are Louise and The Pins, the name I like best. There sound is very unique, a little 50’s girl group, a little country and a little folk. Think a mixture between Laura Marling, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis and Johnny Cash. Louise Hull has also apparently been writing with Laura Marling recently so it’ll be great to see what comes of that.

They also got through to the finals of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition which I am thrilled about and they are one of my favorites to win! They play Communion at Notting Hill Arts Club on April 3rd and The Hawley Arms in Camden on May 1st. Its truly lovely stuff and I’m sure they have great things coming for them. (Louise Hull is also a Yorkshire girl like me!)

Posted this before, but this is a gorgeous duet with Laura Marling..



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3 responses to “New Treat #31: Louise and the Pins

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  2. Love rock and roll so would really like to attend and listen to the band.
    Has the group already thought about partnering with Fashion companies – that is what I do: fashion.
    That could benefit both parties?
    Do you know of any musician / group that has done something with fashion brands that I could interview.
    07846 191 224
    skype nythierry

  3. russell

    wow … just …wow

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