Band Hunt…

Hello! I am currently looking for a band or singer-songwriter to film playing and do a small interview with this weekend. Its all professional equipment and I will try and make it look really good so you can use it as good promotion. It will need to be filmed somewhere around London, in a location of your choice (or my choice if you can’t think of one!). We can do a number of songs if you like or just 1. The sort of thing I am looking for is like a Watch Listen Tell/La Blogtheque thing. Its for a course I am doing. I am friendly and anyone is welcome to apply.

If anyone is interested, or knows anyone interested, get in touch at, send me a link to your music and we can discuss the details further. Here is the sort of thing I am after…

Great excuse to put some great bands on here!

UPDATE: The band hunt is over! Thanks for all the lovely people who emailed me.


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