New Music 16

The new Noah and the Whale album is now out. I’ve heard lots of high praise for it and also lots of criticism. The Noah and the Whale fans from their first album seem to hate it, but people who were not into that twee folk sound love it. Its full of synths and electric instruments, a million miles away from the fun fun fun of ‘Peaceful the World Lays Me Down’. I however, do like it. One thing that hasn’t changed is the strength of songwriting from Charlie Fink and this album has produced some of his best yet. There are a few songs I’m not too keen on, such as the first track ‘Life is Life’ but L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. as well as others are brilliant. This is Wild Thing.

Noah and the Whale also did a Track in a Box Takeover for a week. I found this through that, I’ve heard of Arthur Russell before but never listened to him, anyway this is a brilliant song.

I saw and loved The Pins when they supported Laura Marling on her last tour. They have now renamed themselves Louise and the Pins, and have also successfully got through to the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition Finals! There music is stunning, a little country, a little folk and a little 50’s girl group but ultimately a great unique sound. I expect an album out around summer but until then this is Louise Hull from the Pins and Laura Marling singing a gorgeous little duet. They are playing Communion on April 3rd, the day after the Glastonbury ETC Finals.

Last Monday I went to see Georgia Bruce at Proud ahead of her playing my Lazy Sunday night at the Roundhouse. Also performing at Proud was O. Chapman, he is a singer-songwriter and performed some stunning duets with a girl called Faith Barker. You can download a song called ‘Morning Song’ from iTunes which I highly recommend and this is a song called ‘Come On Down’.

Josh T. Pearson has just made a very nice album. I don’t really know any of his older stuff, but this album is really lovely to listen to. He played a few of the songs in a church for Cargo sessions and they are stunning. This is ‘Sweetheart I Ain’t Your Christ’.

Found this the other day, its very nice. Taken By Trees playing a cover of ‘My Girls’ by Animal Collective, but its called ‘My Boys’ now.

The Lykke Li album ‘Wounded Rhymes’ is out now and I am liking it a lot. I prefer her first album, there is a lot of stomping percussion on this one which is good in places but I prefer the prettier sounds of Lykke Li. This is my favourite song from her new album, its called ‘I Know Places’. I can’t find the album version on YouTube so this is Lykke performing the song on the moon.

Essie Jain has a lovely voice, her songs are very pretty and this song is called ‘What a Big Wide World’. So sweet!

The last thing I am going to include is something not new but something I have recently come back to. I decided to listen to The Reminder album by Feist the other day and fell in love with it all over again, such a stunning album. This track is my favourite, the mixture between her voice and the male voice is beautiful.


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