Glastonbury ETC Long List announced!

If you keep up with this blog you will know that I have been judging the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. You can click on the Glastonbury Logo on the right for more information. I selected three bands from a list of 160 and they were put on the Long list of the competition along with the top 3 from all the other bloggers which took part. The long list has now been released and I was delighted to find out that there were some really brilliant bands selected and lots and lots I’ve never heard of. You can have a look at the whole list here.

My top choice was the fantastic Graffiti6 who descibe themselves as mixing hiphop and folk to create something funky. Its brilliant summery pop and I wish them lots of luck getting through the next round. My second choice was Brother and Bones and my third was Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters, both really great bands! This is Graffiti6..

They also give really great live performances which is one of the reasons I chose them as my number 1, check out some of their other YouTube live videos.

My favourite of the other choices was Emily and the Woods who was my New Treat a few months ago on this blog. Her music is beautiful bluesy pop and I hope she gets further in the competition, really great live too.

Another great band chose were Treetop Flyers who I think would work really well at Glastonbury, especially on a nice relaxed stage like The Park or Avalon.

Laura Hocking was also chosen, her music is really gorgeous and sweet. She has just started playing with a band so I hope that means some more great things are to come.

I’m sure there are lots lots more great bands so I’ll get back to you on that when I’ve listened to them. In other news, the Glastonbury line-up is shaping up very nicely! Mumford & Sons were announed a week or so ago along with Elbow, Anna Calvi, Warpaint, Fleet Foxes, Janelle Monae and more. Shaping up to be a great year!


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