New Bands 3: Glasto ETC Special

This is the second half of the best of the bands which I heard through judging the Emerging Talent Competition. Hope you found some great things in the last post which you can read again here.

First up is a band called Brothers & Bones. Mixing blues, country and rock they create quite a unique sound and the singers voice is gorgeous. They have just released their debut single and have a whole host of gigs around London and the South planned for the next few months. This is an acoustic version of one of their songs, check out their heavier stuff too but this is so so lovely.

Next up is Vertigo Smyth, I have a feeling I’ve heard this before, not sure if it was on an advert or something? But its lovely well summery pop folk music and this song is ridiculously catchy.

As soon as I heard the slide guitars at the beginning of this song I thought, this is gonna be good. This is Irish band, Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters. As well as really good music, they are completed with great videos and album artwork.

The next band I have hardly any information about, except one song called ‘In this Space..’ Scully’s music is like The Streets, witty rapping on top of an indie guitar riff. He is a great poet even if the production could do with a little work. Maybe something more will come if it in the future. Have a listen here.

And straight onto another band I have nothing much on either. The Promenade have only recorded a demo version of one song but its a great great start. The singers voice is what grabs you, deep and beautiful, think The National. Another band who will hopefully develop into something great, listen to Lady Hollywood here.

Not a million miles away from Graffiti6 who I included on my last post. AK makes summery pop music, with a nice 90’s feel. Listen to Paris here.

And thats your lot, Enjoy! My top 3 will be revealed sometime after next week on the Glastonbury website.




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