New Music 15

Been finding lots of new things recently, as well as a growing obsession with Fleetwood Mac after a documentary of theirs was on BBC but yes, this is some other lovely new stuff.

This is Sibylle Baier, I found her on For Folk’s Sake and it was love instantly. She recorded a number of songs between 1970 and 1973, in Germany where she grew up. She never released them and instead focused on having a family. Then, in 2006, now living in America, her son got hold of these recordings and sent them to some family friends, one of which passed it on to a record label and so the album ‘Colour Green’ was made. And what a stunning collection of songs it is. Delicate, emotional and stunningly beautiful, I hope after so many years she will finally receive some well deserved recognition. This is Tonight, which is the first track from the album, but I recommend it all, especially ‘I Lost Something to the Hills’ and ‘The End’.

Alpines have been causing a bit of a blogging stir recently. Their song Drive was played on the Zane Lowe show a while ago but this is my favourite song, ‘Ice & Arrows’. They describe their music as Night-Pop and echos of Zola Jesus, Lykke Li and Bat for Lashes certainly shine through, really looking forward to whats next.

I saw Matt Corby at Communion last week and was blown away. His voice is incredible live and his songs are also very nice, this is My False. I think he might have a good year, so keep an eye and an ear out for more.

Lykke Li’s next album ‘Wounded Rhymes’, an excellent album name if I may say so, on Februay 28th. A few of the songs from the album have already emerged and all are wonderful, this is one which surfaced the other day, its called ‘Love Out Of Lust’ and she has said it is one of her personal favourites from the album.

James Blake has covered one of my favourite songs ever, Joni Mitchell’s A Case of You. When I heard he had covered it I was a a little apprehensive of what he would have done with it, but then I heard it and was blown away. His voice is crystal clear and he has kept the song incredibly simple. Beautiful beautiful.

I also saw Nathaniel Rateliff at Communion, who was also wonderful. I have just got a copy of his album which I will review soon, but this is my highlight of it at the moment.

This isn’t exactly new but I would like to mention it as I haven’t really talked about Villagers. I went to see him at Concrete in Shoreditch last week, the sound quality in that venue is unbelievable. It made me realise how important that is for a performance and how all venues should really sound like that one does! Villagers were wonderful too, his voice is flawless, every song was note perfect. This is a lovely version of ‘Set the Tigers Free’.

In case you haven’t already heard, Laura Marling won a Brit! I was really shocked but also really really pleased, real talent finally being noticed. Arcade Fire also won two awards and Mumford and Sons won best album for ‘Sigh No More’ so overall it was a very very good night for good music. This is a new Laura song which she performed at the Folk Awards a week or so before the Brits, its wonderful, ringing sounds of 70’s folk and clear Joni Mitchell influences in the voice.

Thats all for now folks, enjoy!


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