New Bands 2: Glasto ETC Special

So a few weeks ago I got asked to be a judge in this years Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. Then a few weeks later I got sent a huge list of around 160 bands to listen to and wittle down to a top 3. I am going to do a couple of posts with the best bands I have found in the 160 bands I have listened to. The bands I have put in these posts are not necessarily and bands I have chosen for my top 3. Who I choose won’t be revealed until the end of Feb/start of March when all the other bloggers have chosen their 3 bands and they are sent to a panal of judges including Michael and Emily Eavis to be again wittled down to just 10 bands. Click the Glastonbury judge icon on the right to find out more about the competition and the other judges.

The first thing I am going to post is Graffiti6, its feel good pop made by producer TommyD and singer-songwriter Jamie Scott. This song is so good, I can easily see it becoming the summer festival soundtrack.

Next up a very sweet band which remind me of Lulu and the Lampshades, this is Alloy Ark. They have a great song called Sailor Song on myspace, but this is a nice little live version of one of their songs, complete with trumpets.

When I heard the name Blind Atlas, I thought they might make gentle folk music, but instead its really good rock with a bluesy edge.

Robbie Boyd and his band have already got a pretty big fan base, they make folky pop music and this is ‘Stepping Stones’

The last thing on this post is Bebe Black, a girl with a huge voice and some great songs, have a listen here.


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