EP Review: Marcus Foster- Tumble Down

Despite one of his songs having over 11 million views on youtube, (his song ‘Let Me Sign’ was used on the Twlight soundtrack, sung by Robert Pattinson), Marcus Foster still remains unknown for many.  For a few months now he has been enchanting the audiences of Communion gigs with his bluesy voice and intriguing songwriting. And now comes his first EP on Communion records, Tumble Down.

Opening with ‘Shadows Of The City’, an dark yet energetic number, much different to the songs you may have heard Robert Pattinson sing. His voice is flawless, it sounds like this could be his 4th album, not his 1st EP. ‘Tumble Down’ provides a change of scene with the haunting electric guitar at the start. The vocal line is beautifully melodious and the entrance of the cello is genius. A stunning track and the highlight of the EP for me. The next track ‘Demons’ opens with what sounds like an Elton John track, but the entrance of Marcus Fosters voice shows that the influences have come straight from Van Morrison and Dylan, the voice harsher and the another perfect use of strings making the track beautifully deep and dark. I hate to say it but this track would fit perfectly on any Twilight soundtrack. You Send Me is bluesy like Shadows of the City and it has a wonderful progressive feeling about it, a great end to the EP which leaves you wanting more. Currently in the process of recording his debut album, I think 2011 could be Marcus Foster’s year and this EP is a stunning, stunning start.

Best Tracks: Tumble Down, You Send Me

Rating: 4/5

Marcus will play at a Blue Flowers night on 6th March at The George IV in London and the Tumble Down EP is out on April 4th through Communion Records. You can also grab a free download of ‘Shadows in the City’ by clicking the link below.

Marcus Foster- Shadows in the City (free download)


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