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Every week I get sent lots and lots of new music from bands. Some of it I fall in love with and feature and a lot of it gets instantly deleted. Some of it however I don’t feel I can write a feature on but there is something about it which makes me keep the email and keep on coming back and listening. Therefore I have decided to start a new feature, called New Bands (very originally). It’s basically going to be a little round up of all the bands I find which I think have something lovely about them, and I hope you will agree.

Laura Boyle

So I’m breaking my own rules already. Laura Boyle didn’t send me an email about her music, instead I followed her on tumblr, due to a shared Laura Marling obsession and then found out she also wrote her own music, and rather nice it is. Her voice is beautiful, very delicate yet gravily at the same time.  At only 16 she is also writing some rather good songs. She has three songs up on Soundcloud, two are originals and one is a Laura Marling cover. I would especially recommend Empty Words, its quite unique with a lovely Bob Dylan influence. She isn’t playing any gigs yet but hopes to start in the future, i’ll keep everyone updated on that! Have a listen to her Soundcloud here and you can also download the songs for free!

Jamie Ley

The folk singer-songwriter shelf is always a little full but I recommend leaving a little space for the wonderful sounds of Jamie Ley. He has played a few Communion gigs already and has a number of very beautiful tracks on his myspace here. I would highly recommend for fans of Matthew and the Atlas and Johnny Flynn.

Camille Delean

This is maybe my favourite thing on this list, Camille Delean’s beautiful voice and gentle melodies are a treat for the ears. Her voice is quite old fashioned sounding but her songs fit perfectly in the current folk scene. Incredibly relaxing and someone I hope I will hear more of in the future. She is playing the Old Queen’s Head in Islington on the 19th January so try to pop along if you can.


Blackfeet is the work of Harry Moore, a 21 year old singer songwriter whose deep voice contrasts wonderfully with the light fingerpicking guitar. I would recommend for fans of The National or Bon Iver. Check out more on his myspace here. Debut album due soon!

Big Deal

I have seen Big Deal in quite a few ‘Ones to Watch’ lists and I have to admit, I think they are rather lovely. The video above is stunningly shot and the song is delightful. The duo are currently playing shows around London, check out their myspace page here for dates. Definitely ones to keep an eye on!

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Another stunning video matched with a great song. This wonderful young man is now signed to a major label and has a UK tour coming up as well as playing SXSW this coming April. Things are looking up for Benjamin Francis Leftwich so catch him Upstairs at the Garage on February 8th as part of HMV’s Next Big Thing. Benjamin is also offering a free download of his Arcade fire cover of Rebellion (Lies). Download it here.

This Is Laura

This is Laura are a North London duo whose accordion based folk songs ring out influences of Peggy Sue and Beirut. They have a great sound and I hope their is more to come!

Rose Elinor Dougall

She received great reviews for her debut and is now singing with Mark Ronson’s Business International.

Also check out Paul Wassif, Jones Street Station, Zachary Lucky, White Russia, Lucid Dreams and AM.

With the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition starting their should be lots more of these posts. Hope you enjoy some of this lot!



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  1. Hi Anna!!

    We thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. If our music is something you’d enjoy writing about, please feel free. We’ll be in London for a week tour in May, 2011. May 18 – The Troubadour, May 19 – Inspiral Cafe.

    New music video:


    Travis + Julie

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