Best EP’s of 2010

I’ve come across a lot of really lovely EP’s this year, and I thought I’d create a little post to represent some of these. I’ve done a lot of EP reviews too on here which you can find in the ‘Album Review’ tag but here is a quick run down of some of my favourites.

Matthew and the Atlas- ‘Kingdom of your Own’ and ‘To the North’

Two very beautiful EP’s from this lovely band. Both are delicate and strong and the transition from To the North to Kingdom of your Own shows a great step and I look forward to the album, due this year. This song is Within the Rose from To the North.

Boy and Bear- With Emperor Antarctica

I love this band, I think their sound is wonderful and this EP shows that off brilliantly. They also have some brilliant videos, and this is one of them.

Pete Roe- The Merry-Go-Round EP

Pete Roe is such an underrated talent. His songs are wonderful and I wish he was able to bring them to more people, but alas. At least they were brought to my ears though in the form of this lovely little EP.

Alessi’s Ark- Soul Proprietor

2010 saw Alessi’s Ark sign to the wonderful label Bella Union and consequently release this EP. Her debut album Notes from a Treehouse is a treat for the ears but this EP shows such a wonderful development and maturity in her sound. I believe their is an album due in 2011 and I can’t wait to see how her sound further develops. This is one of my favourite performances on youtube!

Jonny Kearney and Lucy Farrell- The North Farm Sessions

I don’t know if this is a mini-album or an EP, but whatever it is, it melts my heart. The melodies and the harmonies and so so pretty and they are another very underrated duo. I think my favourite EP of the year.

Summer Camp- Young EP

Summer Camp are my favourite new find of 2010 and I hope to see much much more of them in 2011. Their Young EP did not disappoint as this track shows.

Much love x


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