Best Tracks of 2010

This isn’t in any sort of order, just lots of songs I have fallen in love with throughout 2010. Hope you enjoy some of this lot.

Darwin Deez is my happy chappy of the year. All the songs on the album easily put a massive smile on your face, but especially this one.

Beach House were my number 2 album of the year with the stunning Teen Dream. I could include many of the album tracks on this list but I think I’ll have to go with Norway.

This is Helicopter by Deerhunter, I’m not sure why I like this song so much, but I really really do, lovely and dreamy.

Summer Camp have released a wonderful EP and some wonderful singles this year. I have high hopes for them in 2011. This is Ghost Train.

Mark Ronson was back this year with this song. Best pop record of the year, easily.

My band of the year, gig of the year, one of my albums of the year and I think my song of the year. This is the stunning Arcade Fire with Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Crystal Castles and Robert Smith gave us this addictive track. Bestival 201o collaboration?

I think Lykke Li is gonna be big in 2011, this is Get Some which gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the new album.

Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn gave us this stunning duet of The Water.

She and Him don’t tour much which is rubbish but they do make very nice songs like this one.

Caribou are also very summery, the album as a whole is stunning but this is my favourite song from it.

Best Coast have made a brilliant album and have won the award for best fuzzy surf rock group this year, for which there was A LOT of competition. Their is a lot of good singles on the album but I finally settled for this one which is the first track by them I heard.

Everyone has gone a little crazy for the Kanye West album in the last few weeks, i’ll let them off as this song is very, very good.

Janelle Monae cannot be missed off this list. Tightrope is an absolute tune, deserves much more attention than it has.

Thats your lot for now! I’ve probably forgot something very vital so there may be a part 2 yet to come. Hopefully a EP’s of the year, gigs of the year, and ones to watch for next year coming very soon. Stay tuned and have a happy new year! x



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