Albums of the Year: No. 4-2

4. Caribou- Swim

This album was chosen as Rough Trade’s album of the year, and rightly so. It seems quite forgotten by the major music magazines but Swim, for me, is a triumph of electronic music and something which has changed my personal thoughts about the genre. The creativity and production on Swim is leaps and bounds above the ordinary album and Caribou have gradually become one of my bands of the year. For those who read this blog because they like folk music, I urge you to put an open mind on and listen to this album, you too might take to it like I have. This album is summer on CD.

Essential Tracks: Sun, Odessa, Kaili

3. Arcade Fire- The Suburbs

Arcade Fire are undoubtedly my band of the year. This album is a triumph and their performance at Leeds Festival was flawless. The Suburbs is perfect, a masterpiece from start to finish. It’s yet another concept album, but that’s what Arcade Fire do best. I don’t know if anything, for me, can beat Funeral, their debut, but the fact that after such a brilliant beginning, they keep on making stunning albums shows that they are something very special indeed. The grandness and beauty of there sound is totally unique and I think they are a band who will be remembered throughout history, the best band of our generation.

Essential Tracks: The Suburbs, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains), We Used to Wait

2. Beach House- Teen Dream

Their is something about this album which totally grabs you, draws you in and makes you have to listen. Maybe its that voice, or the dreamy guitar, its hard to pinpoint why this album is so perfect as a complete work, but it is absolutely flawless. From the opening guitar melody on Zebra, to Victoria’s beautiful voice singing ‘I’ll Take Care of you’ on Take Care, you have to listen. It’s an album which rarely leaves my CD player and one which I recommend everyone to give a listen to.

Essential Tracks: Zebra, Norway, Take Care

Number 1 coming soon (no prizes for guessing!) plus lots of other end of year lists to do!


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