Christmas Gifts Part 1

A few nice Christmassy and not so Christmassy things to say thanks for reading this year and to wish you a very Happy Christmas.

Free Daughter EP

Elena Tonra was my New Treat #19 in April. She’s back, now as Daughter and has released some of her demos for free to download. It’s beautiful stuff, you can click the link below to download it and have a look at her myspace here. She is also playing one of the HMV Next Big Thing gigs next February 10th in the Borderline alongside Marcus Foster, Andrew Davie and Pete Roe (excellent line-up!)

Daughter Demos EP

Christmas songs!

Lots of bands have done some brilliant Christmas songs this year, both covers and originals. Here are a few for you to download for free!

Beach House- I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun (right click and save as)

Beach House are one of my bands of the year and this beautiful wintery song just tops it off.

Matthew and the Atlas- Fairytale of New York (click link and download)

A stunning cover of one of my favourite Christmas songs. This band are flawless.

Bear Driver- Walking in the Air (click link and download)

What Bear Driver have done with this track is wonderful. The whistling at the start, the slightly psychedelic guitars and that dreary dark Bear Driver sound have made this an excellent Christmas cover.

Ellen and the Escapades have also written a lovely original Christmas song. You can download it from Amazon or iTunes and here is a lovely video of it.

Summer Camp who are excellent have done a superb cover of The Waitresses’ Christmas Wrapping. You can also buy it on iTunes along with the whole Moshi Moshi Christmas album.

I also thought this was rather good, Stokes William covering Emmanuel but with there own special Stokes William touch.

And from a band which is brand new to me,

For Folk’s Sake its Christmas!

One of my favourite websites For Folk’s Sake has got some lovely artists to record some christmas songs and now they are releasing it for charity- how nice. It includes Emily and the Woods, Laura Hocking, Dear Winesberg and many more. The highlight of the EP for me comes from Leeds based Sam Airey whose covered In the Bleak Midwinter and added a bit of an original song on the end. You can pay what you like for the album, as long as its over £1 and all the profits go to the Integrated Cancer Centre at King’s College London. So this Christmas, it might be nice to give something back and head to the link below to download this little album.

Download For Folk’s Sake Its Christmas

Part 2 coming soon! Hope your all enjoying the Christmas build up and the snow if you have any!


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