Albums of the Year: No. 10-8

It’s that time of year again when every music blog, magazine and website goes crazy for end of year lists. And why not get right on board, this has been a brilliant year for music and I’m going to do quite a few posts to celebrate that. The first is my Albums of the Year list, I’m gonna do a top 10  and it’s gonna come in 4 separate posts, just to keep you waiting! Heres the first instalment and my 10th, 9th and 8th favourite albums of the year. Enjoy!

10. Glasser- Ring

From the first hearing, you can’t help being captivated by the music of Glasser. The strange melodies, complex rhythms and over experimental instrumentation somehow still manages to be very, very listenable. Her voice will grab you and the beautiful psychedelia of the songs will keep your hold from the start to the very end of this album. A stunning debut.

Essential Tracks: Tremel, Home, Apply

9. Vampire Weekend- Contra

Vampire Weekend’s first and self titled album stole many of the top spots on 2008 Album of the Year lists. Its a brilliant debut, but I think the second album is even more of an accomplishment, showing a development in writing, sound and production. The first album is upbeat, catchy, overly likeable, but this album has much more depth, more darkness, yet the crowd pleasers are still in there aplenty. I think this is a band around to stay for quite a while, and if they keep on producing albums like this then rightly so.

Essential Tracks: I think Ur a Contra, Cousins, White Sky

8. Caitlin Rose- Own Side Now

For me, this album took a very long time to grow on me. When I reviewed it back at the start of the year, I thought it was a little dull, but now I take back ever saying that. I love this album. Her voice is flawless, the songwriting is simple, yet beautiful. Caitlin has made slide guitars, cowboy fashion and a Nashville country voice cool again.

Essential Tracks: For the Rabbits, Shanghai Cigarettes, Own Side

Next instalment coming very soon!


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