New Music 13

Hello I’m back! It’s been a long time since a proper post I know, but hopefully this lot will make up for it. First Deerhunter and this very lovely song which Lauren Laverne chose as her song of the year!

Next James Blake, one of the hot tips for 2011 and will certainly be appearing on my list. A lot of people are referring to him as being a result of the XX effect. Its more pop than the XX, but still brilliantly good.

Justin Vernon pops up in many forms, maybe non as great as Bon Iver but, still, their is some pretty beautiful undiscovered songs out there.

Something a little different but I think Jamie XX is gonna be massive in 2011. And here is a glimpse at why.

The Black Keys are appearing on quite a few album of the year lists. I’ve never listened to them before and don’t own there album but I thought I’d check them out to see what the buzz was about. I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought it was gonna be another Foals-type indie band but they are something very very unique.

A little while ago, Elena Tonra appeared on the Communion record. I had a little rant about her and wrote a new treat on her and then she seemed to disappear. But now she’s back, under a new name, Daughter and with the same stunning voice and sweet songs. This is a nice video of the song from the Communion record that got me raving a bit.

Norah Jones has released an album of collaborations. I always think Norah Jones is a little dull but this album is actually full of very very nice things. There is a song will Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, Dolly Parton, Ryan Adams and lots more. This is my favourite, its with the gorgeous Belle and Sebastian.

For a bit more of the Justin Vernon input, this is from Hadestown which is Anais Michell’s folk opera album, released this year. A lot of the album is very weird, I think a lot of the songs need to be listened to in context of the album, but this song is very very nice.

And one last thing, addicted to this Crystal Castles song.

Ok thats all folks, but here is what is going to be coming in the next two weeks or so…

My 10 albums of the year

Songs of the Year

Review of the Year including EP’s, live acts and whatever else I feel like 🙂

Tips for 2011

Christmas playlist

and lots lots lots more! x



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2 responses to “New Music 13

  1. freelydone

    I’VE MISSED YOU. however this post does make up for it, and i look forward to your future posts (:

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