Beach House and Laura Marling

I am not going to write a Laura Marling review because there is already a good few Laura Marling reviews on here and I am not going to write a Beach House review as I don’t have much to say about it except it was really lovely. They were both stunning gigs and here are a few photos from them.

Beach House at Shepherds Bush Empire, 23rd November 2010

Laura Marling at Conway Hall, 24th November 2010. The Pins supported, they are brilliant. It was like 50’s girl harmonies with a folky edge. At the end they were joined on stage by members of Laura Marling’s band including Pete Roe and the music really came to life. They have already released an EP and an album is due next year.

Laura Marling also, as usual, was stunning. Last time I saw her new songs such as Rest in the Bed and Don’t ask Me Why were played as solo songs but this time they were played with the full band. ‘Rest In the Bed’ in particular had a wonderful opening from the cello and double bass players. I think the next album could be the best one yet if that is anything to go by. She also played a medley of new songs at the end announcing ‘We are probably the only band to ever play a medley of songs people have never heard’. In one of the songs you could hear strong Bob Dylan influences, yet another promising track for the third album. Anyway, I said I wouldn’t write a review! Overall two great gigs in two days.


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