Gig Review: Caitlin Rose @ XOYO

Caitlin Rose has been an integral part of making country music ‘cool’ this year. Her debut album has slotted in 4th on the Rough Trades Album’s of the Year list and her album will almost definitely make an appearance on my list too. I think its an album that grows on you. At first I thought it was a little dull but I totally take back that thought as its an album now which is repeated in my CD player quite often. Before this gig, I had never seen her live before. I had a feeling she would be good, and she was, very very good. But first for her supports. This tour was entitled the ‘Twisted Folk’ tour and it was indeed the most twisted folk can get.

Hannah Peel played first and she was accompanied to my surprise by Laura Groves a.k.a. Blue Roses. Her music is very similar to that of Blue Roses’, quirky yet beautiful folk yet I didn’t think she quite lived up to the music of Laura Groves. She was very good, but that Blue Roses album is perfect and she had a lot to live up to.

Next on was ‘Peter Wolf Crier’ who I wasn’t really a fan of. It was like a giant wall of sound, not much melodies and that was it really. On a plus note, I think its incredible that two young men, a guitar and a drum kit managed to make that much sound. They played a Nick Drake cover at the end, I am a massive Nick Drake fan but I had no idea what it was unfortunately!

And for Caitlin. Her band looked like they had just leaped out of a 70’s cowboy film. Definitely not a bad thing, made the American country thing feel much more authentic. Her and her band first played through most of the album songs. ‘Spare Me’ is one of my favourites as is ‘Own Side Now’ and both did not disappoint. Her voice is stunning, and it seems so effortless. Her music is so unique compared to other artists of the moment, its hard to pin point who to compare her too. After the bands set, Caitlin played a few songs by herself, mostly from her first EP.  Anti-folk inspired ‘Dockett’ went down a treat.

Caitlin is one of 2010’s essencial artists. Get her album, and catch her live before everyone else does!


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